Friday, 31 December 2021

74. English grammar exercise (send) 31-12-2021 POSITIVE

 sendsentsent - wysyłać.

Present Simple He sends emails every day. Emails are sent every day.
Present Continuous He's sending a message right now. A message is being sent right now.
Past Simple He sent a very important email yesterday. A very important email was sent yesterday.
Past Continuous Last time he was sending flowers to her on the14th of February. Las time flowers was being sent to her on the 14th of February.
Present Perfect He has sent meny letters this year. Meny letters have been sent this year.
Past Perfect He had sent you an email already. An email had been sent you already.
Future Simple He'll send you the information tomorrow. The information will be sent to you tomorrow.
Future / Be going to He is going to send meny letters next year. Meny letters are going to be sent next year.
Modal He can send me an email. An email can be sent to me.
Modal Perfect He can have sent the question on the Internet. The question can have been sent on the internet.

Thursday, 30 December 2021

73. English grammar exercise (sell) 30-12-2021 NEGATIVE

 sellsoldsold - sprzedawać.

Present Simple I don't sell large houses every day. Large houses aren't sold every day.
Present Continuous I'm not selling you the book right now. The book isn't being sold right now.
Past Simple I didn't sell any books yesterday. Any books weren't sold yesterday.
Past Continuous I wasn't selling him drugs when he was young. Drugs weren't being sold him when he was young.
Present Perfect I haven't sold many books today. Many books haven't been sold today by me.
Past Perfect I realised I hadn't sold my car yet. My car hadn't been sold yet.
Future Simple I wont sell my car next year. My car wont be sold  next year.
Future / Be going to I'm not going to sell my car. My car isn't going to be sold.
Modal I can't sell my car. My car can be sold.
Modal Perfect I shouldn't have sold my car. My car shouldn't have been sold.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

72. English grammar exercise (see) 01-12-2021 QUESTIONS

 seesawseen - widzieć.

Present continues.

Is he seeing the most beautiful car at the moment? (active voice)

Is the most beautiful car seen at the moment. (passive voice)

Present simple.

Does he see very beautiful cars in this place every days? (active voice)

Are a lot of beautiful cars seen in this place every days? (passive voice)

Past simple.

Did he see this car yesterday? (active voice)

Was the car seen yesterday? (passive voice)

Future simple.

np (active voice)

np (passive voice)

First conditional
(if + present simple + future simple).


Second conditional (If I were)
(if + past simple + would).


Present perfect.

np (active voice)

np (passive voice)

Past continues
(was/were + present participle +ing).

np (active voice)

np (passive voice)

Past continues (2)
(past continues + when + past simple)


Past continues (3)
(past continues + while + past continues)