Saturday, 5 February 2022

110. English grammar exercise (throw) 05-02-2022 POSITIVE

 throwthrewthrown - rzucańá.

Present Simple The horse throws a rider every day. A rider is thrown every day.
Present Continuous The horse is throwing a rider right now. A rider is being thrown right now.
Past Simple The horse threw a rider last week. A rider was thrown last week.
Past Continuous The horse was throwing a rider last week at this time. A rider was being thrown last week at this time.
Present Perfect The horse has thrown a rider many times this year. A rider has been thrown many times this year.
Past Perfect The horse had thrown a rider before he the rider thought about this. A rider had been thrown before he the rider thought about this.
Future Simple The horse will throw a rider next week. A rider will thrown next week.
Future / Be going to The horse is going to throw a rider. A rider is going to be thrown.
Modal The horse might throw a rider. A rider might be thrown.
Future continuous The horse will be throwing a rider next week at this time. A rider will being thrown next week at this time.