Tuesday, 8 February 2022

113. English grammar exercise (wear) 08-02-2022 POSITIVE

 wearworeworn - nosić.

Present Simple She wears fashion clothes every day. Fashion clothes are worn every day.
Present Continuous She is wearing fashion clothes now. Fashion clothes are being worn now.
Past Simple She wore fashion clothes yesterday. Fashion clothes were worn yesterday.
Past Continuous She was wearning fashion clothes yesterday at 10pm. Fashion clothes were being worn yesterday at 10pm.
Present Perfect She has already worn fashion clothes. Fashion clothes have been already worn.
Past Perfect She had worn fashion clothes before. Fashion clothes had been worn before.
Future Simple She will wear fashion clothes tomorrow. Fashion clothes will be worn tomorrow.
Future / Be going to She is going to wear fashion clothes tomorrow. Fashion clothes are going to be worn tomorrow.
Modal She might wear fashion clothes tomorrow. Fashion clothes might be worn tomorrow.
Future continuous She will be wearing fashion clothes tomorrow at 8pm. Fashion clothes will being worn tomorrow at 8 pm.