Thursday, 10 February 2022

115. English grammar exercise (win) 10-02-2022 NEGATIVE

 winwonwon - wygrywańá.

Present Simple I usually don't win a lottery. A lottery usually isn't won.
Present Continuous I'm not winning a lottery now. A lottery isn't being won now.
Past Simple I didn't win a lottery yesterday. A lottery wasn't won yesterday.
Past Continuous I wasn't winning a lottery yesterday at 8pm. A lottery wasn't being won yesterday at 8pm.
Present Perfect I have never won a lottery. A lottery has never been won.
Past Perfect I didn't win a lottery until l had bought my own first lottery ticket. I didn't win a lottery until my own first lottery ticket had been bought.
Future Simple I won't win a lottery tomorrow. A lottery won't be won tomorrow.
Future / Be going to I'm no going tot win a lottery tomorrow. A lottery isn't going to be won tomorrow.
Modal I shouldn't win a lottery. A lottery shouldn't be won by me.
Future continuous I won't be winning a lottery tomorrow at 8pm. A lottery won't being won tomorrow at 8pm.