Monday, 15 November 2021

56. English grammar exercise (lend) 15-11-2021 POSITIVE


lendlentlent - pożyczać.

Present continues.

I'm lending a little money to a friend at this moment. (active voice)

Money is being lent. (passive voice)

Present simple.

The bank lends a lot of money to people every day. (active voice)

People are lent a lot of money every day. (passive voice)

Past simple.

I lent a little money from a bank yesterday. (active voice)

A little money was lent from a bank yesterday. (passive voice)

Future simple.

I'll lend a little money from a bank tomorrow. (active voice)

A little money will be lent from a bank tomorrow. (passive voice)

First conditional
(if + present simple + future simple).

If I lend money, I'll have to get it back.

Second conditional (If I were)
(if + past simple + would).

If I lent money I wouldn't  get it back.

Present perfect.

I have lent you money meny times this year. (active voice)

Money has been lent meny times this year. (passive voice)

Past continues
(was/were + present participle +ing).

I was lending you a bicycle yesterday in the morning. (active voice)

A bicycle was being lent yesterday in the morning. (passive voice)

Past continues (2)
(past continues + when + past simple)

I was lending you a bicycle when your bicycle was brake down.

Past continues (3)
(past continues + while + past continues)

I was lending you a bicycle while I was using my car at this same time.

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