Thursday, 25 November 2021

66. English grammar exercise (read) 25-11-2021 QUESTIONS

 readreadread - czytać.

Present continues.

Are you reading this novel that I recommend you last time? (active voice)

Is this novel is being read that I recommend last time? (passive voice)

Present simple.

Do you read the novel every day? (active voice)

The novel is read every day? (passive voice)

Past simple.

Did you read the novel yesterday? (active voice)

Was the novel read yesterday? (passive voice)

Future simple.

Will you read the novel tomorrow? (active voice)

Will the novel  read tomorrow? (passive voice)

First conditional
(if + present simple + future simple).

If you read this book will you be have more information about English grammar?

Second conditional (If I were)
(if + past simple + would).

If you read this book would you be stupider than before?

Present perfect.

Have you read the book yet? (active voice)

Has the book read yet? (passive voice)

Past continues
(was/were + present participle +ing).

Were you reading the book at he hotel? (active voice)

Was the book being read at the hotel? (passive voice)

Past continues (2)
(past continues + when + past simple)

Were you reading the book when you was on the holiday? 

Past continues (3)
(past continues + while + past continues)

Were you reading the book while you was sunbathing and drinking drinks by the swimming pool last holiday?

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