Tuesday, 16 November 2021

57. English grammar exercise (let) 16-11-2021 QUESTIONS

letletlet - pozwalać.

Present continues.

Is she letting her husband to go a beer with his friends? (active voice)

Is her husband being let to go a beer with his friends. (passive voice)

Present simple.

Does she let you to meeting other girl? (active voice)

Is other girl let to meeting you? (passive voice)

Past simple.

Did she let herself eat all cake? (active voice)

Was all cake let? (passive voice)

Future simple.

Will you let your dog eat your dinner? (active voice)

Will your dinner be let eaten by your dog? (passive voice)

First conditional
(if + present simple + future simple).

If I let my child eat all cake, he'll get stomach ache.

Second conditional (If I were)
(if + past simple + would).

If you let me sung you would be happy. (I can't sing)

Present perfect.

Has she ever let you dream? (active voice)

Have your dreams ever been let? (passive voice)

Past continues
(was/were + present participle +ing).

Was she letting him watching tv in the morning?(active voice)

Was watching tv being let in the morning? (passive voice)

Past continues (2)
(past continues + when + past simple)

Was she letting him watching tv when he was alone at home?

Past continues (3)
(past continues + while + past continues)

Was she letting him watching tv while she was cleaning their house?

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